What should be included when it comes to bookkeeping?

This is the first roadblock that most small businesses and entrepreneurs are facing. Knowing how many different statements, receipts, and other nitty-gritty paperwork you get or send out each day might be overwhelming. 

Some are simple to keep, while others aren't so easy to maintain. Trouble is, some of those seemingly insignificant documents might come in handy when the ATO (Asset Turnover) comes. These are the kinds of records you should keep:


In addition to tax preparation, client files can be valuable for other purposes. It's incredibly helpful to be able to readily examine charges to a client and any expenditures incurred in finishing the work. It may be used as a guide for future work with your clients, saving you valuable time in the process. It's possible to store other important information in client files, such as client preferences, for future projects.


Small firms must have contracts. Additionally, they make it easier to pursue a lawsuit if a client fails to meet their side of the agreement. Keeping a note of these will help your organization avoid future difficulties from difficult clients.


Any purchases you make for your business should be documented, preferably by keeping all of the receipts. You may use these receipts to increase your tax return by using them as a reference. For warranty or return purposes, you have evidence of purchase in the event that something goes wrong with the item.


Any discussion within the company or with clients should be documented. These records may come in helpful if any clients or employees raise issues in the future. While not entirely useful for increasing your tax returns, these documents may come in handy when you engaged in any complaint.


Retaining any applications and contracts surrounding employment is important. Having this information available to call upon is useful if a situation arises, good or bad, with the employee. Payslips should also be stored as this could come in handy come tax time or in any payment disputes.


Other costs, travel logs, invoices, and previous tax filings should all be preserved. All of this will come in handy when the time comes to file your taxes, as it will help you identify the deductions, returns, and tax credits you are eligible for.

"Every receipt missing could result in more tax being paid.”

What else are you possibly missing? This guide will show you helpful list of all the important things that you are supposed to be recording. You many find some of it surprising and it includes 3 useful strategies to make managing your finances a breeze!

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Where to Store Best Your

Bookkeeping Records?

Every business requires strong bookkeeping procedures. Keeping the financial papers that support the figures in your books is a part of that method.

Physical Document Storage


If your bookkeeping records haven't completely computerized, you'll need a technique to store and organize physical financial documentation and receipts. 

Other firms require you to keep those papers at your company location unless you have formal authorization to store them elsewhere. To keep things organized, you'll need to set up a physical storage system in your office.


Your storage method should safeguard the documents so that they remain in good condition if you need to refer to them for yourself or for a future audit. 

Keeping things in an orderly structure also makes it easier to find what you're looking for. A file system is frequently used to store physical copies of bookkeeping records. This approach allows you to classify documents into distinct kinds by using separate file folders. You may also categorize them chronologically to keep the papers structured over time. When you need to retrieve old financial files, labels on each of the filing cabinets make it even easier to find exactly what you need.

Computer File Storage


Your local computer can be used to store digital files if you don't have a large number of them. Because you don't need any additional software or hardware to save the papers, this alternative is convenient. 

However, it does have certain downsides. You have a limited quantity of space to save the papers in your computer. If you don't have access to your computer, you can't access the papers since they're saved locally on your computer.


Consider the digital security of your files, as well. Physical or cyber risks might cause you to lose files or compromise them. 

As a result, the data becomes susceptible in the event of a computer crash.


By keeping your system up-to-date, you can protect such data. Threats can be minimized with the aid of firewalls, encryption and antivirus. In the event your computer is your primary storage approach, it's a good idea to have a separate backup solution. Backups may be made using cloud-based storage.

Cloud-Based Storage


In addition to saving you valuable office space, digital records make your papers conveniently available without having to search through file cabinets. The fact that all of your information is stored on someone else's servers means that you don't have to invest in hardware or allocate space.

Your data are stored on a third-party server and can be accessed from any device, making it simple when you need to go back and review anything that was previously accessed.As long as you don't have any physical files or digital files kept on a local device at your workplace, you don't have to worry about losing information in the event of a fire or flood, as examples.


Automatic backups are provided by programs like QuickBooks Online to guarantee that you always have a duplicate of your digital documents on. You can access all of your accounting and bookkeeping information in one place with QuickBooks. It keeps all of your accounting digital data. As a result, it's easy to obtain reports, go through your data, and access the files.

Making a digital copy of your physical papers is simple.  Use a document management tool like Dropbox, or just store the files you need as PDF format to Google Drive or any related platform.

So when it comes to choosing a cloud-based storage, it is vital to make a good research and analysis carefully according to your needs, because your documents are only as safe as the encryption and security measures controlled by the firm providing the service.

The majority of cloud-based storage alternatives are totally secure and prioritize document protection. QuickBooks combines a variety of cloud accounting security measures for your peace of mind, including high-quality encryption technology, SSL Certificate Authority, and firewall-protected servers.

Flash Drives


Flash drives are a popular option to store digital data since they are compact and handy. If you have a flash drive, you can carry around the equivalent of a file cabinet in your pocket.

There is no further fee for using a flash drive after you have purchased it. These portable storage devices may be plugged into just about any device that has a USB connection .You can expect them to survive bumps and falls because of their durability.

There are, however, certain downsides to consider. Since they're tiny and easy to carry, you may wind up misplacing your flash drive containing everything you've ever worked on. On a flash drive, the amount of storage space is also restricted, which can be a problem for larger organizations with a lot of files. In the event of a fire or other natural disaster, these storage devices may be destroyed.

External Hard Drives


An external hard drive is another option for digital record storage on-site. An external hard drive is a storage device that you may plug into your computer to increase its storage. This is far easier to set up than it is to disassemble the computer and install the internal memory.

If you have a computer with a hard drive, you can utilize an external hard drive In the same way as with flash drives, you only pay once and never have to worry. As a rule of thumb, the more you spend, the more space you get.


Despite being much larger than USB devices, external hard drives take up a surprisingly tiny amount of room in your office or business area.

You have a variety of alternatives for storing your bookkeeping records, whether they are physical or digital storage.  When choosing a document management solution, weigh the benefits and downsides of each option. 

Or you can take advantage as well of the online accounting software platforms with document backup functions and features, which will keep you up-to-date automatically.


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