Choosing an Accountant is an important task, as a business owner you are inviting another person into your lives. 

It is therefore essential that you consider your options carefully and choose the right person for the job!

Finding time to do accounting is at the bottom of most people's to do list. ‍

I want everyone to get the best service possible.

Here's an Essential Guide to help you choose the right person for you & your business.


An Accountant will play a vital role within your business.
Choosing the right one to join your team is key!


Choosing an Accountant  is an important task, as you are inviting another person into your lives. 

It is therefore essential that your consider your options carefully and choose the right person for the job! 

“We need an Accountant that understand us” 

To help out here are some things to consider when choosing an accountant.

Do you want someone local? Is location important?
Often, you don’t mind where your accountant lives as long as they communicate with you. 

Before this recent pandemic it might have been nice to meet with your accountant face to face but this in no longer possible. 

Finding someone who you can talk with, someone who understands your worries and someone who connects with you will help you feel supported no matter where in the country they are based. 

What are their credentials? Are they qualified and licenced to carry out the tasks we require? 

It is important to ask for information about training and qualifications as there are many un regulated services around and you need to be sure you get the best service. 

A good accountant should hold a qualification and be licenced by a governing body. Check who they are licenced with!

Beware of those not licenced or directly supervised by HMRC, often they are not qualified or regulated and this can lead to costly mistakes.



Getting to know your accountant is vital. There is nothing worse than working with someone who you clash with. 

Do they offer an opportunity to speak with them free so you can start to establish if they will be a good fit? 

An accountant should care about you and your business and should be supporting you to achieve growth. 

Hiring an accountant should be like gaining a clone. 


Someone who cares almost as much as you do about how your business runs and the steps needed to support the business to grow and achieve. 

There is nothing worse than being told that you have to wait ages for your simple query to be answered because someone is not in the office until next week.

What is a reasonable amount of time to wait for a response? Are you given a delegated day or two where someone will be available for you? What if things change, are they flexible? 

Some will offer services on certain days only and many work 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays. 

It is always worth checking the operating hours of an accountant to ensure they are available at a time that suits you and your business needs.


One of the things business owners become stressed about is lack of communication. Is the accountant easy to communicate with?

There are many ways to communicate using many platforms. Which is your preferred platform? 

Facebook, Whatsapp, text, face to face video calls, emails etc. 

Ensure to find someone who is willing to communicate in a way that you prefer. It is vital that they speak to you in a language you  understand using a platform you find easily accessible.


Deciding whether to hire or outsource really depends on what will work best for the business. Some prefer to hire so they can have full control over the hours they work and the tasks the staff undertake.

Although you are unable to define the exact hours a subcontractor should work a mutual agreement can be made to ensure specific services and deadlines are met.

If having someone in the office one day a week is what you require then hiring might be the best option.

In contrast, if you would be open to a more flexible approach, spreading the hours over a few days meaning more availability to contact them throughout the week, then it would be more practical to outsource.

At Wallace Accountancy we are qualified, licenced and regulated by the Association of Accounting Technicians.

Proven success in supporting clients across various industries to achieve their dreams, through financial accounting, bookkeeping and consultancy services.

Providing a personal approach, taking time to really getting to know our clients and what drives them and their business. We really do care about you and your business. If you are happy, we are happy!

Working remotely means we can always be there to assist you no matter the climate. Guaranteed to respond to all queries within 24 hours. Communicating with you through software and platforms that you feel confident using.

Working in partnership with you, supporting you and your business to achieve. Taking away the stress that managing your own finances brings and giving you back time to do other, more important things.


If you want to find out how we can support you head to our contact page and book your FREE consultation at a time that suits you. 


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