Mother with baby at home


Working from home with the kids around can be very challenging, especially if they are little. 

Each day that passes the line between family life and work seems to fade. You just want 5 minutes to

make a quick phone call or to send a quick email.

What are you doing wrong, why won’t your kids let you work?

Here are 6 common mistakes made when trying to run your business from home with small kids


Many of us have tried this. Sneaking out of the
room when the kids are not looking. It might
work for a minute or two but it doesn’t last long.

Kids will come looking, wondering where you
are and if you are in the cupboard on a call be
certain they will want to know who you are
talking to and why.

You shouldn’t necessarily announce every time
you leave the room but wondering in and out
will make it seem normal for them.

You don’t always have to be there watching your
kids as long as they are safe. For the more
nervous, using a baby cam to keep watch
works wonders.


It is easy to sit and play and entertain your kids
but when it comes to stepping away, leaving
the room, even to go to the toilet this can
sometimes be challenging.

You want to be involved but you also want some
time to yourselves to make a quick phone call
or respond to an email or order.

Ensuring to encourage kids to play
independently is essential, both for their own
development and also for your sanity.

No child likes it when you mess up their tower,
so you should leave them too it and take a step

Build independent play into our daily routines
and use the time to get some work done.


You are trying to work, why do the kids keep
trying to get involved?

Kids of all ages are curious and it is only
natural that they will want to know what you are
up to. Especially if it involves new and
wonderful things they have yet to explore.

You shouldn’t be afraid to show them what you
are doing. They might find it boring and loose
interest quickly.

It might also spark a new love of phones,
laptops and technology, who knows.

Finding time to allow kids to explore will mean
when it’s your turn to have a go, they are more
likely to sit back and just observe what you do.


With the kids at home you now have even more
things on your to do list. How are you supposed
to get them all done?

Simple answer, Don’t!! You can’t possibly do
everything you want to, there simply is not
enough time.

This is when deciding what is important and
what is not is essential. Assessing what needs
to be done today, tomorrow and what can wait.

Having a strategy will help ensure you stay
productive, do what needs to be done and
don’t get overloaded and burnt out.

Delegation is a great tool that enables you to get
things achieved, without wasting your valuable

If the kids can help, don’t be afraid to get them
kids involved. They might love it and it takes a
task of your to do list.


You are all stuck indoors with your kids trying to
lead a ‘Normal’ Life. Getting stressed, who
does it help?

Often when you get stressed, so do your kids
and this causes and endless cycle that usually
ends in shouting. Staying calm is key!

Trying to remain positive and not show your
stress and frustrations can actually change the
whole dynamic of the household.

The children will be calmer and more content.
Less clingy and happier to explore and play

This giving you some much-needed head space
to get some work done.


Wish you had more time to get things done?
Throughout the day there are many
opportunities that are often missed or

Here are some examples of times when you
could be getting a little bit of work done.

When children are having TV time, this is the
perfect time to get some work done. They
might not move off the sofa for half hour so get
the laptop out.

There will be times when you can sit back and
relax while the children explore outdoors. This
is a great time to get inspired and get typing as
well as getting a sun tan.


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