Do you find it difficult to work from home and having kids home 24/7?  
You are not really prepared for that. 
Finding time to work while the kids are home wanting your attention has become the ‘new normal’.

It would be so nice to have some balance.

So, what can you do to find your balance and make working from home with the kids more manageable?

Here is one tip for that: 


What routine? Do we really need one? Waking up and having breakfast is how most of us start the day. Getting dressed is now optional. But what next? 

Where do you start?
This is where you struggle. There is so much to do and not enough time.
Do you start by cleaning, playing, working, relaxing? 

With the way you work and live changing, so should our routine.
Although everyday might seem the same, with no one knowing what day of the week it is, routine helps you to stay focused and have some sense of normality. 

Planning you day and having a routine, means you can get on with the tasks at hand without spending hours, thinking of what needs to be done.
With little ones there must be some flexibility but some things with usually be set in stone. 

Meal times, nap times (if you’re lucky), family time & bed time should all be on our daily routines.
The time in between is for you.

It might not be long but it allows you to respond to a query, create some content, or do some bookkeeping. 

Deciding what is important, what can wait and what to delegate is essential to making the most of you time.


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