Many of you were already set up to work from home, but having the kids home 24/7 is not something you had prepared for.  

You already had a million and one things to do, but now there are more. 

More cooking, more cleaning, more family time and maybe even some home schooling.

Finding time to work while the kids are home wanting your attention has become the ‘new normal’. 

You are getting on with it but there must be a simpler way. 

It would be so nice to have some balance.
So, what can you do to find your balance and make working from home with the kids more manageable?


What routine? Do you really need one?
Waking up and having breakfast is how most of you start the day. Getting dressed is now optional.
But what next? Where do we start?

This is where you struggle. There is so much to do and not enough time. 

Do you start by cleaning, playing, working, relaxing?
With the way you work and live changing, so should your routine. 

Although everyday might seem the same, with no one knowing what day of the week it is, routine helps you to stay focused and have some sense of normality.  
Planning you day and having a routine, means you can get on with the tasks at hand without spending hours, thinking of what needs to be done. 

With little ones there must be some flexibility but some things with usually be set in stone.
Meal times, nap times (if we’re lucky), family time & bed time should all be on your daily routines. 

The time in between is for you. 

It might not be long but it allows you to respond to a query, create some content, or do some bookkeeping.
Deciding what is important, what can wait and what to delegate is essential to making the most of your time.


You  must want some time to yourselves, no kids, no distractions. Is that too much to ask?
Popping to the toilet, making a much-needed cup of tea and finding time to have something to eat is often better when you are alone.

When you are not being watched by the kids.
But they won’t leave you alone? Is there a way?
There are many strategies and techniques that you can use to help our kids and ourselves to be more independent. 

Encouraging times when the kids play independently is healthy and it will allow you  to have some much needed ‘me time’. 

How you choose to spend that time is up to you.
Yes, work is important but so is rest and recovery.
If you let ourselves get burnt out, you won’t be much use to anyone. 

Finding a good work/ life balance is key.


Finding time to work and take care of the kids, keep the house clean and everything else just seems impossible.
The kids sit around, watching tv and you are running around trying to do it all. 

Is there any way you could get some help?
Is there something the kids can do without breaking or mucking up what you have worked hard to achieve? 

Maybe they can help with packing materials, counting objects, sorting and arranging things into piles.
Kids love it when you give them simple tasks to do and it helps to keep them occupied. 

If they feel they are helping, they will be happy and so will you and it might save you some time to do more important things.


The kids always want to get involved in what you are doing. If they get involved won’t they just mess everything up?
You need time to concentrate!

Time when the kids are not grabbing at you phone, laptop or whatever it is you are doing.

It is often the case that when you become engrossed in a task often you kids will too.

Have they ever sat and scribbled because you were doing some writing? Read a book because you are?

Grabbing at our phones and laptop is no different.
If you can find an alternative for them to use, something similar they can get involved with, they will likely sit and concentrate while you do.
Try it out, your kids often surprise you.


Not enough hours in the day. Too much to do. 

Everything on your  to do list needs to be done now, but how?

You have tried to do two things at once and end up getting nothing done!

Planning is key!

Being able to multitask is a great tool and when you find a balance, what works well for you, things start to feel easier. 

Explore what tasks can be done together.
If the kids are having bath time, you could have the products there ready to clean the bathroom.
If you are outside in the garden, you take you fully charged phones and laptops. 

You have to find time to work and do the kids school work, cook and do cooking with the kids. 

Why not do them together.
Save some time by multi-tasking.

Planning ahead is key, so you can make sure you have all the things you need ready to get the jobs done.


What are the things you must do and what is optional?
You’ve been through the to do list a thousand times but it only gets longer. 

Everything needs to be done!
Deciding on our role is key. 

As an individual you might wear many hats.
Partner, parent, carer, business owner, tutor, social media marketer, bookkeeper, administration and more. Have you got time to be all of these things?

What is most important, what can you delegate?

Is making time for bookkeeping and admin on your to do list for this week, next week or never. 

When starting out you business you might not have planned to do lots of admin, bookkeeping etc but rather do the job you love and spend time with your families. 

Prioritizing you work load and deciding what to delegate is key to having that essential and all-important work / life balance.


If bookkeeping is taking up your time and causing you stress, contact us today. One call with us could save you hours of time and relieve all those financial worries.

Take back control. Have less stress, more time and find your work/life balance.  

You can download the document in PDF form below. 


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